Prospective Polygon NOs

Prospective Polygon NOs

Lido on Polygon, developed in collaboration with the team from Shard Labs, is a liquid staking provider for MATIC. For more detail:

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Lido on Polygon Operator Procedures

Polygon’s overall validator set consists of 100 validators, for which slots were initially granted on a first come, first serve basis. Since an auction mechanism for slots is not yet active, the only way to replace the existing validators is to come to an agreement with them and have them give up their slot, which is represented by the staking NFT held in the owner account.

This directly effects the way Lido can choose Node Operators since it puts a restriction on candidates. Given this constraint, Lido on Polygon currently operates a permissioned Node Operator set (i.e. operators are chosen by the DAO to run a validator).

Lido will continue to attempt to gain additional slots for onboarding new Node Operators that will be used to further decentralization of the Polygon network and Lido Node Operator set.

When additional slots become available (market conditions allowing) the Lido Node Operator Sub Governance group (LNOSG) can choose to open a new onboarding round. The Lido forums are the best place to keep track of future onboarding announcements and other DAO discussions.

If your organization is already operating a validator and interested in learning more about becoming a Lido Operator for Polygon please send an email to


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